Psychotherapy Warsaw

Psychotherapy and counselling for adults

W RELACJI Psychotherapy Centre is located in Saska Kępa, Warsaw. Our team consists of qualified psychologists and psychotherapists who are prepared to work with English- and Spanish-speaking clients living in Poland.

Who do we offer help?

We offer individual psychotherapy and counselling to adults who experience a variety of difficulties:

  • problems in adapting to living in a foreign country

  • problems in interpersonal relationships

  • lack of satisfaction in close relationships (with parents, children, spouse, partner), e.g. communication problems, avoiding intimacy, insufficient catering for one’s needs

  • relationship crises: serious conflicts, tension, adultery, threat of divorce, separation

  • life crises, e.g. death of an important person, serious illness, loss of work

  • anxiety disorders

  • depressed mood, low energy, changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or sleeping too much)

  • low self-esteem

  • excessive stress, tension, irritability

  • psychosomatic disorders.

How do we work?

Sessions usually take place once a week and last 50 minutes each. The first 2-4 sessions are aimed at getting to know each other and initial diagnosis of the areas we are going to work on. Duration of the therapy varies, depending on individual needs of the client, and is always discussed and decided on together with the client.

Our approach to therapy is Integrative Psychotherapy - we take advantage of different approaches (mainly client-centred approach, Gestalt and existential therapy), adjusting the methods and tools to the needs of the client. We work predominantly with the conscious aspects of the client’s functioning. For us, psychotherapy is an encounter with another human being, during which the therapist supports the client in the process of change. The relationship between the client and the therapist is one of the main factors leading to improved functioning and personal growth of the client.


Beata Zielińska-Rocha, Katarzyna Janczewska-Arčon, Joanna Szwajcowska


160 PLN per 50-minute session

Call or write to us to book a session:

 +48 725 475 569;